Training the Trainers in Belize!

A special CALMS Preschool team recently equipped over 50 Belize preschool administrators. The team of four Christian educators with over 100 years of combined experience, helped the Belize Department of Education equip their trainers to better prepare preschool teachers throughout the country.

The Belize trainers will in turn equip hundreds of preschool teachers throughout the country in the coming weeks leading up to the new school year.

Since most schools in Belize are a joint effort by the government and Christian churches, the government allows teachers to share their faith in Jesus in appropriate ways.

This made the training experience by the CALMS' team even more exciting, since in addition to helping the Belize teachers with issues such as discipline in the classroom, effective lesson planning, etc., they were able to share their faith and help their Belize counterparts learn how to grow little disciples of Jesus.

What a special privilege!