El Salvador means “The Savior” in Spanish, and yet, despite its name, many in this tiny nation of six million people still do not yet know the real Savior, Jesus. For that reason, CALMS is interested in developing relationships that could open the door for future work to make and grow disciples of Jesus.

Because of economic hardship, over 30% of EL Salvadorans live outside the country and much of the country’s income comes from remittances sent by family members. In one generation, El Salvador has gone from a predominately rural society to one in which 60% live in cities.

Because such a large number of El Salvadorans live in the United States where many have become Christ followers, CALMS believes that one way to reach more people for Christ is to recruit those who have become Christians in the USA to serve as volunteers and cultural helpers for other volunteers who do not yet speak Spanish.

Another potential strategy for making and growing disciples might focus on working with Christian university students in the USA and El Salvador to help reach the large number of young people who are largely de-churched through creative means such as building bridges through Christian sports and music. 

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