Here are few helpful forms and resources. Contact Us if you have any questions.

  • To help our CALMS short-term team leaders evaluate their short-term experience with their Central American partners, we encourage them to do a SWOT analysis while still on the field. This tool focuses on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and can also help a team plan their next trip so that it focuses on the outcomes that will be most helpful to address problems and build on the strengths of the Central American partners. Here is a good example from one of our teams that has learned how to work strategically, ACTS Network in Austin Texas.

  • To help our mission teams and Central American partners serve together in order to help at-risk Central American communities become healthier, CALMS shares these characteristics of healthy communities. Short-term teams and CALMS staff work together with community leaders to help plan activities and equipping sessions that over time help the community reflect these characteristics.

  • To help our short-term teams work strategically with their chosen Central American village partners including the varoius chuches in their village, CALMS has developed a resource titled, "The Thriving Church." This document describes what a "thriving church" looks like. CALMS works with our teams to take appropriate actions to help existing churches in their partner community move toward being "thriving churches."

  • CALMS staff and short-term leaders use this form to help them capture important information about specific communities where a short-term team will serve for five to seven years in order to help that community become healthier. We also encourage communities to adapt the form for use in their own home communities in the United States since we have discovered that congregations do not always know their communities very well.

  • To help our short-term team leaders and staff see a community from God's perspective, CALMS has prepared this Prayer Walking Guide that shares pertinent scripture to explain and support the concept of "Prayer Walking." Teams have found the process of prayer walking to be very helpful as they seek to understand a community that they hope to serve.

  • This document was developed by Pastor Steve Hughey to help CALMS and our cross-cultural partners work together with a common vision and an understanding of how they need to work together. There is also a Spanish version available from CALMS by writing to